Bible Studies

Overview of Bible Studies

Walk with the Word revolves around the Scripture Reading Plan, each week's schedule and a Bible study from that week's reading being posted on our Facebook page. Following that page will notify you of each week's reading and study.

The reading plan when going through the Old Testament covers an average of 11 chapters a week (15 through Psalms), through the New Testament covers 4 chapters a week, all of which is read by those following it.

We have years of previous Bible studies from which we're slowly adding to the website. (It takes time to properly format them from our personal notes to a useful format.) We'll also be adding studies each time we go through the reading plan. A study for every section of the reading plan from Genesis through Revelation is already available.

Whether you use these studies as an Individual Study Guide, a Small Group Ministry, or part of a Churchwide Program, you'll find that they're the result of using the Inductive Bible Study Method. The Scripture is provided on the left in parallel with a series of questions and answers on the right that are the result of the mainstay of the Inductive Method: Observation, Interpretation, and -- most importantly -- Application. This format has proved very successful for facilitating a small group -- all you really need is a host for the time and place each week and to invite people to attend. Ideally everyone reads each week's assignment from the reading plan prior to the group meeting and the leader uses the weekly study to guide group discussion. (These studies are not the final authority on any passage of Scripture but meant to facilitate the application of God's Word in each life.)

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