Chapter 4 • The Reading Plan
The Basic Purpose of the Reading Plan

The Basic Purpose of the Reading Plan

"Establish Your word to Your servant,

As that which produces reverence for You."

—Psalm 119:38

The basic purpose of the "Walk with the Word Reading Plan" is to provide a structure by which participants can read through the Bible entirely in just over 3.3 years. The "Walk with the Word Reading Plan" covers approximately 11 chapters per week in the Old Testament (15 chapters a week through the Book of Psalms) and an average of 3-4 chapters a week in the New Testament.

The reading is purposely kept to no more than about 2 chapters a day at the most to not only make the volume of reading manageable, but to encourage each Believer in the pursuit of hearing God’s voice by being able to concentrate on achieving quality over quantity. Although the reading plan cycles through the entire Bible, this is not a “race” to read the whole Bible but an exercise to read the whole Bible meaningfully.

Should Walk with the Word be adopted by your local church and the reading schedule coordinated with other ministries, by reading the assigned chapters on one's own during the week, the believer will already understand the context for the message from Sunday morning sermons which may be on the same plan. Parents will also be able to discuss Sunday School lessons with their children because the Sunday school ministry may also be following the same plan. Additionally, assisted learning for adults may be available through an Adult Sunday School and through small group Bible studies that meet in homes during the week.

The schedule for this year and beyond is available on the menu at the top of each page on the website by clicking on The Master Reading Plan. Go to this page to find a "Make Your Own" Reading Plan should you desire to customize the schedule according to your own needs.

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