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Walk with the Word is a Bible study tool emphasizing personal application of God's Word in your life. Beginning with the individual, this can be applied to every level and size of organization from small groups, to teaching ministries, to an entire church. The following highlights are intended to orient you to the overall format of the web site and the available resources.


The drop-down menu below the main graphic across the top of this page is resident on nearly every page in this site. It's a very "flat" system, meaning that it will show all the sub-menus and their pages simply by moving your mouse over them. The Site Map shows an overall representation of the entire web site allowing you to click and go directly to nearly any page.

Most pages have a mini-menu near the top of its respective side column that navigates to the main sections associated with that page. (Such as the one on this page in the upper right corner.)

Reading Plan

These are the common denominators that will be mentioned repeated throughout the web site.

The Scripture Reading Plan is the key component to every level of Bible study espoused at Walk with the Word. It's simply a weekly schedule to encourage reading of the Bible, a few chapters each week. Following this plan will take you through the entire Bible every 3.3 years. This is a reasonable pace that doesn't place too much pressure to do each week's reading while allowing the time necessary to actually apply the lessons of that Scripture personally. This is not a "race" to read through the whole Bible— it's about allowing God's Word to change our heart.

Overview of "The Walk"

The Overview of Walk with the Word is the first in what can be described as an 11 chapter book that covers the need for God's Word in the Believer's life in general, and then how to apply it as a personal study guide, leading a small group ministry, or even incorporating a coordinated Bible-study program synchronized to every age- and ministry-level within the local church. At the top of each new page is a summary of that chapter so you can choose what to read in depth or simply become familiar with before moving on. You'll find links to download all 11 chapters as a single book as well.

The core tools imparted are the Inductive Bible Study Method and Journaling, both of which can be applied to every level.

Walk with the Word Resources

The following are also available on Walk with the Word:

The Discipler's Commentary: The Gospel of Luke

This is an online commentary using the Inductive Study Approach for the entire Gospel of Luke. It includes handouts which group leaders can use for teaching any lesson on each of Luke's 24 chapters.

The Parallel Gospels

An online study tool providing a chronological side-by-side format for the four Gospels.

Audio Bible Studies

A collection of audio teachings based on the Walk with the Word reading schedule recorded in a home church. Also comes with group handouts for those who would like to take notes while following along.